“Tonight our defense was absolutely unbelievable for all 48

We deliberately did not include too many review based journals. We also examined two supplementary lists of journals: the top 20 journals listed in PubMed ranked by impact factor and the top 20 medical journals in PubMed, ranked by impact factor (both based on the Journal Citation Reports 2014; web table S1).ResultsBetween 1974 and 1980, 1.7 2.3% of PubMed records containing one or more positive words in a title or abstract (mean 2.0% (standard deviation 0.21%)). This proportion increased to 17.5% in 2014, a relative increase of 880% (fig 1, top left).

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pandora necklaces Smith 3 pointer to make it 85 80 with 57.6 seconds to play.James shot an air ball from 3 with 12.7 seconds to play to end Cleveland comeback attempt.”Tonight our defense was absolutely unbelievable for all 48 minutes,” Warriors center Andrew Bogut said. “To keep them to the 80s pandora rings, they never really got in a flow where they could really attack us.”There was an increased intensity at the start of the seventh Christmas Day rematch of the previous season Finals, with fans on edge far more than for most regular season games.Warriors: Golden State got its first home win with fewer than 90 points since beating Sacramento 87 83 on March 6 https://www.jewelryuh85.top, 2013. G Shaun Livingston scored a season high 16 points off the bench. G Leandro Barbosa left the game with a sprained left shoulder.OFF TARGETThe Cavaliers struggled from long range, making just five of 30 3 pointers pandora necklaces.