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How SEOExplode Inc Gets Traffic from Tumblr

When it comes to social media, you don’t have to confine yourself to just Facebook or Twitter. There is something else that could help you gain a lot of followers, and traffic—and that is Tumblr.

Well-optimized sites like SEO Explode benefits from Tumblr—because they know what they are doing. With the help of this article, you’d understand how this happens. Read on and find out how!

Adding Relevant Tags

And they do add a whole lot of them! SEOExplode Inc makes sure that tags are added to their posts. You will find this section right below your post. So, for example, you uploaded a photo of BanhMi, the Vietnamese Sandwich, you could add the following tags:


•Vietnamese Sandwich




•Good Food

•Asian Food





•Easy Recipes

Don’t just stick to 1 to 2 tags—put as many relevant tags as you can, especially in the first five spaces as these are the ones that would show up on search results first. Just like keywords, tags will help you attract a great number of followers—and reblogs, as well!

They post all types of media

They don’t just stick to images. The occasional text, links, quotes, audio, or video, are good, too. It would be good if you could connect it with your site’s content.

seoSeoexplode.com makes sure that it does not bombard its followers with unruly and unnecessary information. They really do not want to be unfollowed. So, what they do is write something—for example, talking about how their day went, and then in a line, they describe how they saw the link to the website, and how they thought about it all day—how it probably helps others without you knowing. They make sure that the tone is light and conversational so their followers are always at ease, and once you see their site, and they won’t feel as if you’re just trying to promote something. The key here is to be creative and smart with your posts.

They always spruce up their profile

When it comes to Tumblr, profile matters. For a site like www.seoexplode.com, you can’t just create a profile and say you are an seo site because surely, people will unfollow you. Think about your other interests. For example, you like cats, you could do the following:

•Make your URL thecatexplode.com

•Make the description: Cats and Wonderful Things

Then, create a header with cats embedded in the logo of the company, and choose a minimalist theme. This way, it would be easy on the eyes and people won’t feel like visiting your profile would give them headaches. In short, you have to make your profile worth-visiting.

They Post Memes

It’s no secret that memes have taken over the internet in the past couple of years, and it’s not hard to see why. You see, people these days don’t have a lot of attention span. They want things that they could understand fast—and they want things that could make them laugh, while also making them think.

So, post memes. They could be related to your company offering affordable SEO services—or they could be something else altogether. There are even ready-made memes that you can use for free—just like everyone does—and then you could just add a link to your site. You’d be surprised at the turnout, and you will even notice that you yourself are also enjoying your posts!

They reblog as much as they can

You know, the thing about Tumblr is that users want to feel like they’re being recognized. Simple likes and reblogs could make them feel like they have posted something good—and that’s why SEO Explode reblogs as much as they could.

They look for items that they are interested about, and then they go and reblog them. This way, they know they have relevant content on the blog—and others begin to reblog their posts, too!

They interact with other users

Tumblr also has this amazing Ask option that allows you to talk to other users. Since SEO Explode is offering Search engine optimization services—they begin to be their followers’ friend, they ask how their day was, and maybe even ask them about what they’re interested in when it comes to movies, shows, and the like. When you’re nice on the site, chances are, you could tell them about your projects sooner or later—and get more traffic and revenue for your site at that—and SEO Explode will help you do that!

Quality over quantity

SEO Explode knows that they don’t have to post every minute, but make sure that when they post, it will be something that could catch people’s attention right away—and is something that’s worthy of being liked or reblogged. They use compelling words, high definition images, and surely, their posts are able to move around!
These sure make SEOExplode Inc a reliable Search engine optimization company!

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