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A Guide to a Successful Link Building Campaign

Getting quality traffic is perhaps one of the most important goals of any SEO specialist. There have been many strategies that helped websites achieve popularity, but some of these strategies had to stop because Google and its search algorithms have broken them.

However, there is an SEO strategy that is still popular – link building – the art of getting many high quality links directing to your website in the right context.

Know the Quality Criteria of Google

seoThe exact algorithms of Google might be a bit too vague to analyze, but they still help SEO specialists by providing quite clear parameters of the things they should not do.

It is strictly unacceptable to take out content from well-known, well-ranked websites and just use it as a lure to draw search engines. If you are going to use content from other websites, make sure that you modify it in order to fit your website and the taste of your readers. Add in new information, views, or opinions on the obtained content rather than just perform a “copy-paste” job.

One of the things that Google pays attention to is low-quality guest posting. Google does not want inauthentic, weak, or repeated content that does not offer significant value to visitors.

A good way to build links back to your website is to syndicate or publish your own content to popular blogs. However, you are at risk of being branded as a copycat and getting penalized by Google if you publish the same content on your website as well. To prove that you have original content, publish it first before it gets published on other websites and make sure to use evident authorship mark-ups that prove it is yours and you did not copy it from another publisher.

Pay Attention to Relevance

The quality of the websites that like to your site is important, but it is just as important that these websites are related to your business. Contacting reputable websites to offer you back links or feature your content will only be beneficial if these websites have relevance to the important keywords for your business.

Try these steps to decide whether or not a link is relevant:

• Your earned links should be from websites in the same line of business.
• If the website is not completely related to your business, it must have at least a part that is related in any way to your product or business.
• Links from unrelated websites would only go well if the content on the webpage that supplies the link is relevant to the content on your page that obtains the link.
• Your earned links must be relevant to the context of the webpage that provide you the link.

For example, say you are running an online clothing business. A link from a local community blog might not be a total match. However, if that local community blog posts an article that your online store donated free clothing to kids in that community, the link becomes much more useful and relevant in ranking your site.

Create a Diversified Link Building Strategy

To earn links, it is not just about choosing one technique and sticking with it. Google tells what not to do, but there is no one magical solution that would provide you lots of useful and qualified inbound links. If you narrow your link building strategies to just one or two, your website might be at risk of not being important enough.

link building

Here are some of the link building strategies that you can consider:

• Creating and marketing excellent content that links back to your website.
• Receiving citations and recommendations from reputable people and websites.
• Staying active on social media
• Becoming a guest blogger or featured writer on well-known industry websites or blogs.

Do Not Do the Same Strategies as Your Competitors

Many SEO specialists keep their attention to driving traffic and obtaining conversions from the traffic they get and miss an important principle of SEO – brand building.

Building a strong brand should be one of the top priorities of SEO specialists. Your brand image will be stronger if you have wider brand awareness. If your brand is totally unknown, it would be more difficult for you to get qualified, high-quality backlinks.

However, the only means of creating a unique brand identity is by firing up your own paths and not copying others. Taking a different path than the other is important because:

• It will help create a unique brand image and avoid confusion in the minds of users. It will lessen your credibility and uniqueness if you receive a recommendation from the same well-known blogger or get featured in the same blogs as your competitor.

• Targeting the same keywords makes it harder for you and your competitor. When a user sees your website and your competitor in the search results for a certain keyword, the possibility that one of you will get a click decreases significantly. Carve your own place to increase the chances of receiving traffic from Google.