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Time flies! Our youngest is turning 1 today! Crazy, crazy.

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I purchased it on Amazon: Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder
I love to find GOOD kitchen gadget. I have gone through many, some stick, some don’t. This one I will be buying a few more of. It helps soo much to pour and put things into Ziplock bags. It’s adjustable too. I put two pounds of chicken in this bag to marinade, and it held everything up like a charm!

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So we decided to not have our black (toilet water, yes the bad stuff) emptied. We were trying to see how long wee could go with regular usage before having to change. The front black water tank holds 41 gallons and the back black water tank another 41 gallons. Unfortunately the two tanks are not connected so what goes down the front (main bathroom) toilet ends up in the front tank and what goes down the back toilet (wet bath) goes into the rear tank (we do not use the rear wet bath atm as it is where the cat litter box is. After two weeks the front tank was getting full with pump out day (Thursday) approaching fast.
This park seems to run on a skeleton staff once Labour day passes so I was unsure if they would be doing the Thursday pumpouts. With my uncertainty growing I decided Thursday morning to take matters into my own hands and pull in all the slideouts and drive the trailer down to the dump station. It took us the better part of an hour to get everything in order to slide in and unhook hoses and cables then we were off to the dump station….

A week of wet weather and a front to back slope on our lot and we could not get enough traction to get the trailer out! UGH! So we unhooked the truck and with much effort got the truck out at least. Guess we have to wait for the ground to dry out abit. Luckily we did see the park guy doing pumpouts and we did get our tank drained so in the end it was no big deal, but we made some nice trenches in our lot =)

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With a new baby boy due to arrive in early January, our bed (king size) could get abit crowded. Noëlle is still sleeping in our bed for naps and night-time. When baby Button arrives someone is going to have to go, and I am abit concerned when push comes to shove it will be Daddy. This is why the bed nook project took on such a high priority (for me!)
Once it was finished Noëlle started napping and starting each night out in her bed, we also switched her to only one nap a day. So far it has gone very well Noëlle is going down much faster for her naps and is going down at night in her own bed and sleeping well. The big problem seems to be that Noëlle seems to migrate from her bed to ours somewhere shortly after Mommy goes to bed….
Quite the mystery. Might be time to set up cameras to see what is really happening =)

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Last night we had our first thunderstorm and it was a doozie!  Somehow during all the thunder and lightning my brave wife ran out without me seeing and snapped this award winning shot of us in the middle of the storm.

Now not to worry we are all safe and the trailer handled it well (no leaks).  With a tornado watch in this area the winds were quite high and you could feel it swaying in the wind from the loft in the back.  Sleeping in the storm was interesting as our heads are actually in a slide out and not in the trailer when sleeping, there is considerably less sound deadening in the slideout so the rain sounded like we were laying out in the field (dry tho).  Once the storm had passed over the light rain put us right to sleep.  Noëlle of course slept like a baby through the whole storm, even when she was sleeping on her own (before mommy needed her to sleep).  Funny how she will sleep though a thunderstorm, but be woken up from a nap by me getting a spoon from the drawer.

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