A Guide to a Successful Link Building Campaign

Getting quality traffic is perhaps one of the most important goals of any SEO specialist. There have been many strategies that helped websites achieve popularity, but some of these strategies had to stop because Google and its search algorithms have broken them.

However, there is an SEO strategy that is still popular – link building – the art of getting many high quality links directing to your website in the right context.

Know the Quality Criteria of Google

seoThe exact algorithms of Google might be a bit too vague to analyze, but they still help SEO specialists by providing quite clear parameters of the things they should not do.

It is strictly unacceptable to take out content from well-known, well-ranked websites and just use it as a lure to draw search engines. If you are going to use content from other websites, make sure that you modify it in order to fit your website and the taste of your readers. Add in new information, views, or opinions on the obtained content rather than just perform a “copy-paste” job.

One of the things that Google pays attention to is low-quality guest posting. Google does not want inauthentic, weak, or repeated content that does not offer significant value to visitors.

A good way to build links back to your website is to syndicate or publish your own content to popular blogs. However, you are at risk of being branded as a copycat and getting penalized by Google if you publish the same content on your website as well. To prove that you have original content, publish it first before it gets published on other websites and make sure to use evident authorship mark-ups that prove it is yours and you did not copy it from another publisher.

Pay Attention to Relevance

The quality of the websites that like to your site is important, but it is just as important that these websites are related to your business. Contacting reputable websites to offer you back links or feature your content will only be beneficial if these websites have relevance to the important keywords for your business.

Try these steps to decide whether or not a link is relevant:

• Your earned links should be from websites in the same line of business.
• If the website is not completely related to your business, it must have at least a part that is related in any way to your product or business.
• Links from unrelated websites would only go well if the content on the webpage that supplies the link is relevant to the content on your page that obtains the link.
• Your earned links must be relevant to the context of the webpage that provide you the link.

For example, say you are running an online clothing business. A link from a local community blog might not be a total match. However, if that local community blog posts an article that your online store donated free clothing to kids in that community, the link becomes much more useful and relevant in ranking your site.

Create a Diversified Link Building Strategy

To earn links, it is not just about choosing one technique and sticking with it. Google tells what not to do, but there is no one magical solution that would provide you lots of useful and qualified inbound links. If you narrow your link building strategies to just one or two, your website might be at risk of not being important enough.

link building

Here are some of the link building strategies that you can consider:

• Creating and marketing excellent content that links back to your website.
• Receiving citations and recommendations from reputable people and websites.
• Staying active on social media
• Becoming a guest blogger or featured writer on well-known industry websites or blogs.

Do Not Do the Same Strategies as Your Competitors

Many SEO specialists keep their attention to driving traffic and obtaining conversions from the traffic they get and miss an important principle of SEO – brand building.

Building a strong brand should be one of the top priorities of SEO specialists. Your brand image will be stronger if you have wider brand awareness. If your brand is totally unknown, it would be more difficult for you to get qualified, high-quality backlinks.

However, the only means of creating a unique brand identity is by firing up your own paths and not copying others. Taking a different path than the other is important because:

• It will help create a unique brand image and avoid confusion in the minds of users. It will lessen your credibility and uniqueness if you receive a recommendation from the same well-known blogger or get featured in the same blogs as your competitor.

• Targeting the same keywords makes it harder for you and your competitor. When a user sees your website and your competitor in the search results for a certain keyword, the possibility that one of you will get a click decreases significantly. Carve your own place to increase the chances of receiving traffic from Google.

How SEOExplode Inc Gets Traffic from Tumblr

When it comes to social media, you don’t have to confine yourself to just Facebook or Twitter. There is something else that could help you gain a lot of followers, and traffic—and that is Tumblr.

Well-optimized sites like SEO Explode benefits from Tumblr—because they know what they are doing. With the help of this article, you’d understand how this happens. Read on and find out how!

Adding Relevant Tags

And they do add a whole lot of them! SEOExplode Inc makes sure that tags are added to their posts. You will find this section right below your post. So, for example, you uploaded a photo of BanhMi, the Vietnamese Sandwich, you could add the following tags:


•Vietnamese Sandwich




•Good Food

•Asian Food





•Easy Recipes

Don’t just stick to 1 to 2 tags—put as many relevant tags as you can, especially in the first five spaces as these are the ones that would show up on search results first. Just like keywords, tags will help you attract a great number of followers—and reblogs, as well!

They post all types of media

They don’t just stick to images. The occasional text, links, quotes, audio, or video, are good, too. It would be good if you could connect it with your site’s content.

seoSeoexplode.com makes sure that it does not bombard its followers with unruly and unnecessary information. They really do not want to be unfollowed. So, what they do is write something—for example, talking about how their day went, and then in a line, they describe how they saw the link to the website, and how they thought about it all day—how it probably helps others without you knowing. They make sure that the tone is light and conversational so their followers are always at ease, and once you see their site, and they won’t feel as if you’re just trying to promote something. The key here is to be creative and smart with your posts.

They always spruce up their profile

When it comes to Tumblr, profile matters. For a site like www.seoexplode.com, you can’t just create a profile and say you are an seo site because surely, people will unfollow you. Think about your other interests. For example, you like cats, you could do the following:

•Make your URL thecatexplode.com

•Make the description: Cats and Wonderful Things

Then, create a header with cats embedded in the logo of the company, and choose a minimalist theme. This way, it would be easy on the eyes and people won’t feel like visiting your profile would give them headaches. In short, you have to make your profile worth-visiting.

They Post Memes

It’s no secret that memes have taken over the internet in the past couple of years, and it’s not hard to see why. You see, people these days don’t have a lot of attention span. They want things that they could understand fast—and they want things that could make them laugh, while also making them think.

So, post memes. They could be related to your company offering affordable SEO services—or they could be something else altogether. There are even ready-made memes that you can use for free—just like everyone does—and then you could just add a link to your site. You’d be surprised at the turnout, and you will even notice that you yourself are also enjoying your posts!

They reblog as much as they can

You know, the thing about Tumblr is that users want to feel like they’re being recognized. Simple likes and reblogs could make them feel like they have posted something good—and that’s why SEO Explode reblogs as much as they could.

They look for items that they are interested about, and then they go and reblog them. This way, they know they have relevant content on the blog—and others begin to reblog their posts, too!

They interact with other users

Tumblr also has this amazing Ask option that allows you to talk to other users. Since SEO Explode is offering Search engine optimization services—they begin to be their followers’ friend, they ask how their day was, and maybe even ask them about what they’re interested in when it comes to movies, shows, and the like. When you’re nice on the site, chances are, you could tell them about your projects sooner or later—and get more traffic and revenue for your site at that—and SEO Explode will help you do that!

Quality over quantity

SEO Explode knows that they don’t have to post every minute, but make sure that when they post, it will be something that could catch people’s attention right away—and is something that’s worthy of being liked or reblogged. They use compelling words, high definition images, and surely, their posts are able to move around!
These sure make SEOExplode Inc a reliable Search engine optimization company!

Seoexplode inc helps you with your off-site SEO campaign also take care of all your article writing needs.

Simple Websites Triumph Over Complicated Endeavors In SEO

seoprimeSearch engine optimization favors the simplicity of design, more than it does the more complicated. Working with developers for some time, will illuminate the many reasons why complicated websites are not the best at ranking within any search engine. Do not get this twisted, because it’s easy to take this note and run towards a different direction. The idea of simplicity and web design is not new, but it’s definitely getting a serious push in the right direction. The reason it has trumped a lot of other options is because the experience of the end user is always good when you’re keeping things at their utmost simple. When you overcomplicate design flow, you will find that SEO suffers.

There are some analysts that have spoken up about this in the coming year, and it’s starting to proliferate the many corners of the online world. If you want to find a way to fight through the clutter and get to the top of Google, you will need to focus on the simple things that many people over look. It’s far easy to lose sight of what’s important with your page, in light of a larger goal. This is often seen with major companies that over think their solutions and end up causing a lot of damage in trying to promote themselves across several platforms.

Consider for a moment the use of flash based design. In the past few years, the emphasis on flash layouts has dropped significantly. The reason behind it was simple, SEO doesn’t work well with this type of animated design flow. Is it impossible? Not at all, some designers found a way to work with all the pieces and make serious traffic generating websites, but the average designer couldn’t do that. The small business owner that is putting up a page and hoping they are found is not going to be able to work through a complicated algorithm and get the same kind of power that more experienced tech workers would get.

gatheringThe number one reason why simple websites triumph in SEO is simple, they are easy to crawl. Search engines send out spiders to look through the millions of pages that are found online, and through this, they upgrade their listings to showcase the proper and most relevant content. When you set up a page that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, and has all the optimization you can get on a page, without sacrificing load time, you will see your ranks can go beyond the framework of some other pages that rely on parlor tricks.

Organic traffic doesn’t always go to the biggest websites on the internet. The reason why this is true is easy to see why, people want answers to their queries and complicated web pages do not do that. It’s for that reason that blogs are ranked so high against a lot of pages on the internet today. Blogs are notoriously simple to set up and no matter what content management system you prefer, you will note that it’s very true. As long as updates are made, and simplicity is heralded, SEO becomes a thing that is not only easy to manage, but highly effective.

Social networking has started to take this approach, which is why certain networks are no longer as alive as others. With the changes that are coming down the pipeline, many analysts are even decrying the death of certain social media sites because they are moving to more complicated code and design elements. The more complicated things get online, the higher the likelihood of user abandonment, which is something that most people don’t think about at first glance.

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